Banking & Finance

By integrating risk management principles, life safety technology and security management, ADT can offer solutions that go beyond traditional security. Our proven solutions provide business advantages for organisations of every size, from branch networks to head quarters to operation centres. Our experience extends over every facet of installation and service, including project management, service management, customer and industry training, installation, field service and technical support.

Critical Infrastructure

The importance of securing New Zealand’s ports, power plants, dams, reservoirs, water treatment plants, gas, electricity and oil plants should not be taken for granted. In the age of uncertainty, security remains a key issue on a domestic and international scale.

ADT Security, the world’s largest electronic security company, works with the private and public sectors to develop security systems and devices tailored to protect organisations from common and even unexpected threats.

Transport & Logistics

Public transport providers must balance safety with the need to provide an open, effective service and supply chain managers must prevent loss whilst protecting the flexibility and responsiveness of those chains. ADT has been protecting goods and people on the move for over 130 years, with the specialist knowledge you would expect from a company with the resources able to provide customised solutions to protect people and property all over the world. As the demands of legislation increase, and as new threats emerge, ADT constantly pioneer new technologies and new answers - keeping you one step ahead, every step of the way.


With vulnerable patients and residents, as well as staff, visitors and valuable equipment to protect, the healthcare industry needs effective security solutions. ADT has delivered proven security solutions for more than 130 years. Our experience working with the private sector, health facilities and residential care homes has allowed us to develop solutions to meet your specialised needs.     

Government & Public Spaces

ADT Security helps protect government bodies across New Zealand utilising security solutions such as Grade B1 monitoring, Type 1 certified installation and monitoring solutions, wireless or IP based alarms, CCTV surveillance and video management systems, guard and patrol response– all with the ability to integrate multiple systems into a single platform.

ADT Security can offer a complete turn-key high security solution tailored to each individual client and government department's needs and security classification.