Information Collection Statement

InformationCollection Statement


ADT Security Limited (16540),  respects your privacy and is committed toprotecting your personal information.

The Privacy Act requires us to tell you when we collect personalinformation and how we will use it.  Personal information is informationabout you, such as your name and address, not information about theorganisation for which you work.

We generally collect and use the personal information we need tocomplete business transactions with you as well as providing you with ongoingcustomer support. Therefore we have recorded your details so we can contact youin future.

We may use your information to send you our publications, invite you tofunctions, activities or research projects.  If you would prefer that wedid not use your details this way, please contact our Privacy Officer whosedetails appear below. 

ADT shares personal information with its related companies in the TycoGroup both in and outside New Zealand.

The sorts of organisations outside the Tyco Group to which we typicallydisclose personal information include the following:

(a) service providers (e.g., businesses towhich we contract alarm equipment service, maintenance work and mobile patrols,mailing houses, printers, auditors, debt collection agencies, process servers,lawyers etc.);

(b) local council/government authorities; and

(c) your insurance company.

You can access most personal information that ADT holds about you.Sometimes that will not be possible but if that is the case you will be toldwhy. A fee may apply. If at any time your details change please contact ADT’s Customer ServiceRepresentatives on 0800 111 238 or if you would like to access your personalinformation please contact our Privacy Officer below:

Craig Glazier 
Location: Unit 38, 38-46 South st
Telephone: +61 2 99477756